The Top Instant Pay GPT Sites

Some people who use GPT sites want instant payments more than anything else. Luckily there are some great high quality GPT sites that do offer instant payments. Some offer instant PayPal and others offer instant gift cards and some have both available. I will use the space below to give you some information about the best GPT sites that offer instant payments.

The top GPT site for instant payments is They offer both instant paypal and instant gift cards and both have low minimums of only $1.00. They also have many ways to easily earn money.

The fun and very rewarding GPT site has instant amazon codes. They send PayPal really fast usually within minutes but the amazon codes are instantly on your screen when you cash out. The minimum needed for both is also only $1.00.

For one of the most internationally friendly GPT sites with instant PayPal be sure to check out This site has members from all over the world earning great money and getting it instantly via PayPal with a low minimum. The minimum needed is just $1.00.

I have been using to get instant PayPal payments since 2012. The site has all the great ways to earn featuring 13 offer walls and high paying daily surveys. The minimum is only $2.00.

One of the best worldwide rewards sites with GPT and PTC type earnings is they have many ways to earn cash and gift cards and pay you instantly with PayPal with a $1 Minimum.

Another great GPT site that pays instantly is , they have many offer walls, PTC and videos, the mminimum needed is just $1 and people from all over the world can earn here. THey have paid out over $79,000 , it’s free and easy to get started.

Thanks for reading, I am sure you will like these sites, they have been very good to me over the years by providing me instant cash when i needed it most.